Vehicle Diagnostics

We offer a wide range of diagnostic services to get you running again in no time at all.

We can offer:

Borescope - automotive mechanics frequently use borescopes to look at small parts of cars that are not otherwise visible without taking them apart. Since disassembling a piece of car can create more problems, borescope usage cuts out this step and diagnoses problems or determines the soundness of a particular part.We use the boroscope for looking in the likes of engine cylinders if a timing belt is broken or even looking for bent valves.

Cylinder leak down service - A leak-down tester is a measuring instrument used to determine the condition of internal combustion engines by introducing compressed air into the cylinder and measuring the rate at which it leaks out. A certain amount of leakage is normal however this enables use to determain whether its excessive or not.

Snap-on Solus scan tool - It brings together a full range of scan tool functions, without any baggage to slow you down. No Personality Keys. No long boot ups. Combine that with high-resolution data graphing, detailed code definitions and OEM-specific coverage. With the Solus can Read modern cars to turn off service lights and read fault codes.